plasma groupのgeneralized plasma architecture


Channel on Plasmaの詳細が語られました。
基本的にはstate channelでできることはPlasmaでできる、ということだと思っています。


  • atomic-swapやnested plasmaの場合は、おそらくgetAdditionalDisputePeriodを使用して、紛争にかかる時間を延長することで、解決可能としているようです。
  • channelをexitする、と捉えれば複雑な紛争自体もexit後に持っていけるはずです


However, it’s important to remember that predicates are not a panacea–they are still constrained within the plasma design space. More generalization is likely yet to be found. Nevertheless, predicates are very powerful, and seem useful for pretty much all plasma implementations–including those which are not based on Plasma Cash.

さて、この設計はChannel on Plasmaの名前の通り、一定の制約があります。より一般化された方法はまだあるかもしれないと。

We think this represents an opportunity for standardization within the entire plasma ecosystem. Any plasma implementation which shares this state-deprecation architecture can share predicates and interoperate in new ways.

Layer 2 scaling solutions are all about using off-chain data to guarantee future on-chain state. Whether old state is deprecated through signatures (state channels), commitments (plasma), or something else, these tools are ultimately accomplishing the same thing. We hope that this advancement is a step towards a unified, shared language which encompasses all layer 2 solutions. We envision a future where wallets can connect to any layer 2 solution through utilizing a standard interface, rather than writing custom integration each time. All for interoperability, and interoperability for all!


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