• EVMと互換性あり。EthereumのDAppsをThunderCore上で実行できる。

  • TPS +1200

  • ファイナリティがすぐに得られる


As long as a) the Accelerator is acting honestly, b) network conditions are good,
and c)> 3/4 of the committee are honest, we barely need to use the slow-chain at all; instead,
transactions can be confirmed on the fast-path by the committee using an extremely simple and
lean fast-path protocol. This protocol offers both high throughput and instant confirmation of
transactions. But the fast-path only confirms new transactions assuming the above mentioned
good conditions are met. When they are not (e.g., the Accelerator misbehaves or is under attack),
we leverage the “slow chain” to recover in a provably sound manner.



This blockchain currently is based on proof-of-work, but there are ongoing plans to replace
it with a proof-of-stake system. In our initial deployment, we will also only rely on a single
Accelerator; in later versions, we will extend the system to support multiple shards, each having
their own dedicated Accelerator. Allowing anyone to create their own shards will also help establish
a healthy ecosystem where accelerators are incentivized to provide faster and more reliable service
(and accelerators providing poor service will die out).




Consensus: A consensus protocol enables maintaining a “linearly ordered log” of transactions in
a distributed fashion such that the following two properties hold:

"linearly ordered log"は言われてみれば当たり前だけど、すごくしっくりくる。